When you stick a couple "for sale" signs in the yard the rumors start a flying!  lol

Here's a little info to help keep it all straight.


"So....What's up?"

Jen & I also have property in southern Indiana, it's where we are both from originally.  Our two youngest son's and parents are there, it's time to get back to working a little less and family a little more.

"Can I buy a paddleboard?"

Duh.....NO!   Were not packing up and leaving town.  Movement Solutions is the refinement of over 30 years experience in the recreational rental business.  We have never before seen the pace of growth that we have been fortunate to have here in Clear Lake, it's just time for new folks to keep it growing and going.

"Is it seasonal?"

Yes it can be.  Although we have always ran a side business of buying and selling stuff, we have grown to a point that it still makes pretty good money even if you shut down for the off season.  

"It sounds like a fun and exciting business, but I'm not a boat person?"

No worries.  You should have seen my wife drive a boat years ago.  (just kidding)  We are very willing and available to train any couple or team that has the desire.  This stuff ain't rocket science, but a few skills certainly does make it easier.

I'm kinda interested but I'm not sure I want all the stuff"

Once again, no worries, were moving not retiring.  If there are some products you may not want, we can work it out.


Who do I call?

To view the facilities, call Marion Olsen at Schoneman Reality, Marion can get you in most anytime.  For "Business for sale questions contact myself, Jim Flick @ 515-570-2203  or if you have a quick question contact Jennifer on Facebook.


Thank you to all,  See ya on the Lake.

Jim Flick