If you are renting a pontoon boat

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If you are renting a camper


       List of things already in the RV

Coffee maker , coffee cups, plates, bowls, glasses, silverware, cooking utensils, skillets, saucepan, steak knives, cooking knives, toaster, can opener, wine bottle opener,   cutting board, oven mit, hot pad, dish soap, broom, cleaner, flash light, basic tools (just in case)   water hose, sewer hose, leveling blocks, wheel chalks, holding tank deodorizers, work gloves,  and a few..............   
         Movement Solution Koozies!

Camper cancelation policy

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Pontoon rental cancelation policy

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Details on Bike and WS rentals

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Liability waivers, releases and all other lawyer type stuff


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As I bet you can imagine, when you have over 100 rental units of all kinds, and  4 different insurance companies covering them, & us.         We have a library of waivers

If you would like to look over the waivers for your rentals before you get here to the office, text Jennifer at 515-570-5160 and she'll send you a copy of the appropriate waiver.