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What's included?     What's not included?

What's included:
Fuel, Life vest, tube (on the tubing boats), boat launch & pick up to & from the dock, all safety equipment and instruction at the dock upon request.

What's not included:  Sales tax, refundable damage deposit, a driver for the boat,  guaranteed perfect weather.


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Our first of the "party-toon" series is the "Party Palooza", This boat stretches' out to over 25 ft. long, rated for 16 fun people.  You can mess with the neighboring boats with the super power water cannon. (these might be illegal after this season)  Then check out the life size Twister board on the deck. If just hanging out is your gig, it fancy's a 6 foot bar & a floating bar at water level for your friends, (because you will have new friends!) about a.............        Water Slide....(new for 2022)   Let's not forget an amazingly comfortable lounger for relaxing. ( I stole it from the pool at the Hilton)  And finally....We have a boat with a  KILLER sound system.. Bluetooth only, 6 phone chargers on board and a
few more surprises!

Oops....I almost forgot.  FREE   Float Pad   with this rental!

Book either a 4 or 8 hour rental for 2022!

only $449 for 4 hours

only $599 for 6 hours

or    $699 for 8 hours

The specs!.....

16 passengers maximum, more comfortable with less.  Not a tubing boat, sorry.  Maximum weight of the water slide is 300 lbs.  Cove cushions included and a float pad!      Super fun day on the water!

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